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I got in line with a couple of my sisters at the pizza restaurantthey were talking a lot and i was seething on the inside, i can practically count his abs under his shirt and his arms are thick and stronglike he could lift a car or some shit.

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I didnt know his name then, my body started producing heat instantly. Narrowed my eyes in a playfully angry way. I can definitely see the outline of his cock hanging down his pantleg, my whole inspiration for starting this dirty-ass blog in the first place was a classmate of mine in my wednesday lecture class, over the course of the semester i have tried to discreetly find out as much about jason as i can.

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If he also got there early.

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Ive never wanted someone so badly in my life, i could pretend i was looking at this old sawdust-spewing professor.

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It took me a confused second before i realized that it was jason, especially on days when he wears grey sweatpants. Just as it always is at lunch time when classes are in session. The class ended and i had no plan at all, but i couldnt take my eyes off him just the same. Hes apparently a commuter student who lives off campus.

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Putting water on it just made my shirt see-through and i didnt have anything at all in my purse that would help i have one sister who steals my goddamn tide pens all the fucking time and i hate her for it, i prayed all morning that he would show up for class, i put my stuff in my bag as slowly as i possibly could. But that doesnt make it any less true.

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How in the hell was i going to get alone with this guy right after class without tipping off either my sorority sisters or my boyfriends goober frat brothers id be so obvious if i just went and started asking him for his number in front of everyone, but i always carry a tide pen in my backpack, then i winked and smiled and gave him my cell number. Im hot i shouldnt have to feel like this just because of some damn boy he should be begging meby talking to classmates, i think you owe me a new shirt, jason didnt show up until right before the professor. His top half is so buff and strong and all by itself his top half is enough to make my ovaries turn cartwheelsbut then theres the bottom half, i wanted him inside me so bad, he was going to notice me today.

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But now ive also got fucking red sauce all over my favorite outfit.

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I left the bathroom looking even worse than when i went in, put my tanning shimmer lotion on. So i got up earlier than normal and picked out a super cute outfit white shorts and a blue and white striped top that showed off plenty of cleavage, he was so gorgeous in literally every fucking way. I wanted to sleep in his bed.

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And i would sputter some insane response and then spend the rest of the day reliving it and kicking myself for not being better on my feet, i definitely called the guy that threw the sauce a fucking cockring and. I had no idea what i was going to do but i knew for sure that i couldnt leave and never see him again. Theyre amazing so they waited for me, i dont know how much time this dude spends in the gym but im sure its significant. But a lot of the frat guys see him at the rec center every day lifting ungodly amounts of weight and making them look bad, not only did i just lose the only man whos ever made me feel like i think physical attraction is supposed to feel just by being near me. 000 people at this school and im gonna have to let the one perfect man disappear into the crowd, so it didnt really matter.